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Lomi Lomi Massage

What to expect

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Polynesian massage. The giver and receiver slow down to reach a deep state of relaxation, the long, endless strokes allow the body and mind to let go and fully enjoy the present moment.

Before the massage...

Where? I live between the Mislata and Almassil metro stations, still "zona A".

Health Please let me know if you have any heart/blood pressure issues or any chronic disease.

If you're pregnant, we'll have to wait for a bit.

It's best not to eat the hour before the massage.

What to wear

Wear something you don't mind being stained by oil.

My teacher Dan Joy

Author, life coach, mediator, cuddle therapist and Lomi Lomi massage teacher; co-founder of stay-in-touch


Take a break

Grant yourself a moment of peace, a stress-free day.
Don't worry about being 10 min early or late (just let me know), I'd rather you come relaxed than punctual.

Avoid stimulating substances like coffee, black/green tea, alcohol and tobacco for the day. Drink plenty of water after the massage.

Ideally, clear 3 hours after the hour of our appointment.

Please switch off your phone. It is a time to relax and leave your daily worries behind.


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